Claudine Barretto na Ecstacy Overdosed?

May bagong tsismis na naman kay Gretchen Barretto. Kaya daw ito naospital ay dahil naoverdose sa ecstasy. Sabi naman ng iba ay dahil sa executive check up at sabi naman ng iba ay throat infection.
What's the truth?

MANILA, Philippines — Denying rumors that Claudine Barretto was recently rushed to a hospital after a drug overdose, a source clarified with Bulletin Entertainment that the actress just underwent an executive check-up.
A report published at Pinoy Gossip Boy last Dec. 20 said that Claudine was hospitalized due to ecstasy overdose. The issue supposedly stemmed from a column item written by Ador Saluta.
“Source says, as published in a reputable tab, that prime actress Claudine Barretto was rushed to the hospital following overdose of ecstasy – a prohibited substance with amphetamine-like and hallucinogenic properties,” read the item.
The website added, “Claudine was reportedly rushed to Medical City where she was likewise confined several days ago. According to a report, the information came from a nurse who works in the said hospital.”

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