Zsa Zsa Padulla undergoes surgery

The two daughters of Zsa Zsa Padilla are in the United States to give company to Zsa Zsa who is undergoing surgery in the kidney. Here is the news:

MANILA, Philippines - Sisters Zia Quizon and Karylle on Tuesday asked Filipinos to keep on praying for their mother, Zsa Zsa Padilla, who is now undergoing surgery at the Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.
Zsa Zsa has been diagnosed with stage one cancer in the kidneys.
"In the waiting room. No surgery updates yet. Keep sending the positive vibes, guys! Peace and love :)," Zia said.
"off to the hospital for mama's surgery in an hour and a half :) hope you can say a prayer for her :) thanks! much love, K," Karryle said.
Last week via "KrisTV," Zsa Zsa said that she will undergo laparoscopic surgery.
"Laparoscopic surgery will be performed -- four holes. Two days sa hospital then follow up. After a week I can fly out na. I can work after four weeks, faster recovery. At least I can go back to work," she added.
She said that after the surgery she won't need to undergo chemotherapy.
On Monday, Zia appealed to the public not to sensationalize the health condition of her mother, stressing that Zsa Zsa is a strong woman.
She also asked the public not to paint a "dramatic picture" of their family's situation, stressing that Paiulla is facing her battle not only for herself but for her children.

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