Robin Padilla, Single

Now that he is divorced with Liezl, his wfie of 20 years, Robin Padilla is single and a father. He has the custody of his children except for the youngest one.
His children wpuld like to follow his footsteps in the showbiz. So that in his ramp modeling for JAG, he brought with him his Kylie and Alih.

Here is an article of Ricky Lo.

“Actually, I was nervous,” Robin told Funfare in an exclusive interview. “I didn’t want to do it na sana but my bossing at Jag told me that the concept was like a ‘bonding’ sa aming mag-aama. Divorced from his wife Liezl Sicangco (after being together for 20 years) since 2007, Robin is enjoying to the hilt being Papa Binoe. He’s taking care of Alih while the youngest girl, Zherileen, 15, is with Liezl in Australia where she continues to live with her new husband. “Alih will study here. I will enrol him in Grade 5 (at an international school in Greenhills).” And Kylie? “A, ‘yan ang pinagtatalunan pa naming mag-ama. I want her to attend classes (at a Catholic school in ParaƱaque City) pero gusto n’ya home study.”
Queenie, 21, decides for herself with her parents’ blessing.
Up to now, Robin and Liezl have constant communciation.

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