Ruffa cried because of annulment or because of closing of show?

Ruffa Gutierrez who is not very good in truth department denied that she shed tears because of the cancellation of her daily morning show. She cited the annullment of her marriage to Yilmaz as the reason.

Here is the news:

One of the most glamorous and beautiful women in the local entertainment scene, Ruffa Gutierrez couldn’t help but cry on live TV during the last taping day of her daily morning show with Comedy Concert Queen Ai Ai delas Alas called “Ruffa and Ai.”

The tears fell not because she became jobless. She cried because she imagined how it would feel when she receives her annulment papers and is finally freed from her marriage in a few months time. Soul Siren Nina’s performance during their last episode reduced her even more to tears, according to Ruffa.

“I became sentimental because Nina was singing. And I cried because I told myself that it doesn’t mean that when you’re annulled you failed. Maybe it is a failure in a sense but annulment happens for different reasons,” sighed the actress at the set of her new film under Regal Films entitled “Ukay Ukay” which is part of the horror trilogy in “Shake rattle and Roll XI.”

What helped in conjuring the image of being annulled are the stories she heard from showbiz colleagues who recently gut annulled from their marriage.

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