Rosanna Roces interview about the Revillas was censored

 Rosanna Roces who does not hide her contempt for the Revilla Family spewed libelous statements against Senator Bong Revilla, his wife Lani nd his son Jolo Revilla.

This is the news:

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB ) disapproved the airing of Rosanna “Osang” Roces's taped interview on “Juicy,” a showbiz-oriented talk show aired on TV5.
The interview which was supposed to have aired on Oct. 12, was not given the ‘go’ signal by the MTRCB because of the alleged "libelous" statements made by Rosanna against Sen. Bong Revilla, his wife Lani Mercado and their son, Jolo Revilla.
A source told Manila Bulletin Entertainment Online that Osang's catty remarks were deemed by the ratings board as "not fit for viewing".
In the interview, Rosanna was said to have spewed venom on the three Revilla's and hissed at them like she never did before.
The management and staff of “Juicy” have anticipated the disapproval and had, in fact, readied  other segments to replace the controversial taped interview.
Rosanna Roces has been openly speaking about her ill feelings toward the Revillas, going as far as calling them names on her Facebook account. Her tirades began shortly after Jolo "borrowed" his son Gabriel from Rosanna's daughter, Grace Adriano, without Osang’s consent.
The issue got so out of hand, that even Jolo's rumored girlfriend, Lovi Poe, was dragged into the hullabaloo. Osang reportedly threatened to drag and pull Lovi's hair if and when she sees her. The two were then working together on “Lipgloss,” a weekly teen show on TV 5.
Lovi refused to comment on her rumored rift with the former sexy actress. Lani Mercado also dismissed the issue as nondescript.

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