Rosanna Roces

She was born on May 24, 1972. Her first screen name was Ana Maceda which was derived from Annabelle Rama and Ernesto Maceda. She was one of Bruneiyuki girls who was investigated together with Ruffa Gutierrez.

She became popular because of her bold movies.

Rosanna Roces was Startalk's consistent crowd-drawer ever since she started on the show. But with her popularity came several issues raised against her. Some viewers observed Osang as too frank with her comments and occasionally displays her lewd conduct in front of her guests. The MTRCB even issued a warning against Osang for wearing gowns that are too provocative, two of them when she hosted the 1998 Star Awards for Television where she just wore a body paint to cover one of her breasts, and one where she wore an all-black nun costume with a silver cross at the front, with a see through satin at the back, revealing her buttocks. A very emotional Osang later on appeared in the show a week after the awards night wearing a black t-shirt that printed "Down with Hypocrisy" as her response to MTRCB's warning. She stressed that MTRCB should not single her out and instead look after the slew of sex movies that came out in theatres almost weekly.

Another controversy that put Osang in hot water was her statement regarding the stories surrounding the mysterious death of matinee idol Rico Yan in 2002. Yan died from acute hemorraghic pancreatitis (or more popularly known in Filipino parlance as bangungot) but Osang claimed on the air that he died of drug overdose and that Rico's friend Dominic Ochoa is also into it as well. Osang's controversial statement drew irate reactions from Rico's legion of fans and threatened to boycott "Startalk" for as long as she is there. As a result, the GMA management suspended Osang for a month.

The Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) was also one of the governing bodies that censured Osang in 2003, together with newscaster Mike Enriquez. It triggered GMA's withdrawal of its membership from the said group.

On year 2004, Osang had a widely-publicized feud with close friend and dermatologist Dra. Vicki Belo. The said feud had something to do with Osang allegedly violating the contract she signed with Belo's company, Forever Flawless, where she was the main endorser. As a result, Osang was replaced by Lorna Tolentino and Katya Santos. Osang retaliated the move by not acknowledging Forever Flawless on-air (which she was supposed to do as part of the exchange deal) and instead started to acknowledge Dra. Belo's rivals in the dermatology industry, Drs. Manny and Pie Calayan. She also revealed on air that her liposuction sessions with Dra. Belo was not something she was really proud of and called Dra. Belo just a gym instructor.

When Osang jointly celebrated her birthday with co-host and manager Lolit Solis during a special episode of "Startalk" during May of 2004, not too many people knew that it would be her last live appearance on the show. A week later after the joint birthday celebration, she was a no-show during "Startalk"'s regular live telecast and instead had a phone patch with co-host Butch Francisco. During the on-air phone patch, she called Lolit "ahas" (snake) and threatened to boycott the show as long as Lolit is there. It was reported that after the said phone interview, GMA management tried to pacify Osang and Lolit's feud by calling the two for a meeting. But the two warring hosts declined. The "Startalk" staff also reportedly sided with Lolit and threatened to boycott the show if GMA decided to side with Osang. On the first week of June 2004, Osang finally bade goodbye to "Startalk", by appearing on GMA's other talk show "S-Files" and declared that she was out of the show. After her farewell with GMA Network, Osang appeared at The Buzz where she revealed her issues with Vicky Belo and Lolit Solis.

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