Cita Revilla-Yabut and Mons Romulo Tantoco

 Cita Revilla-Yabut was blamed by Mons Romulo Tantoco for her motion to annul her marriage to Sander Tantoco. 
Cita Revilla-Yabut


Mons Romulo-Tantoco

source: philstar

First, it was a blind item, then it was published by Victor Agustin in his column in Manila Standard, Cocktales.
Now comes the revelation:

Even when her husband left - first the conjugal bed, and then the conjugal home - she always held out for one more chance.
“I gave it up to December,” she said. “If he had come back, I would have taken him back, no questions asked.”
“Last year was horrible for me; all last year, what pain I went through,” she admitted, again with surprising candor. Self-doubt flooded her - was there something wrong with her, what did she do or did not do, or did wrong - especially when her husband would say that she did not take care of him.To that she now answered, calmly, “I did my best.”

For Mons, it was a double betrayal, because the woman involved with her husband was her friend, Cita Revilla-Yabut, who was part of Mons’ prayer group. She had repeatedly told Mons not to be jealous if she was frequently at her husband’s office, since she was asking his help for some project. And when Mons would be told that the two were seen at this and that restaurant, and she would wonder if they were having an affair, she would be assured by mutual friends, “Of course not,” especially since Cita had repeatedly said she’d never go with a married man because she knew what that does to a marriage and a family.
But the relationship became more and more public, to the point that the truth could no longer be denied - or ignored.
Cita Revilla-Yabut was married to Ricky Yabut, the son of Nemesio Yabut, the late mayor of Makati. His sister Denise Yabut is the estranged wife of Tonyboy Cojuangco, the partner of Gretchen Cojuangco. 

She is the sister of Maritess Revilla-Araneta, another  former Camay girl. Their mother Paquita Roces, the wife of Armando Goyena, the matinee idol during the 50's was the first Camay girl model. 

Maritess Revilla Araneta is the mother of Bianca Araneta who joined showbiz before he married Juan Elizalde. 

Another son, Paulo was also in showbiz.

Tina Revilla married Serge Osmena Valencia.

Another Revilla sister who did not join showbiz is Pita Revilla-Palanca, the widow of Bernardo Palanca, a scion of the prominent Palanca family, has two children in the showbiz.

Bernard Palanca who was among the Hunks, married Meryll Soriano, the daughter of Willie Revillame to Bec Bec Soriano, the sister of Maricel Soriano.

Mico Palanca was the other son who tried showbiz.

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