A tribute to NORA AUNOR, her leading men and forgettable to classic movies Part 3

This is the continuation of a tribute to Nora Aunor and her leading men and her Forgettable to Classic Movies.
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In 1973, she tried the superhero type of movie with Super Gee. She had no leading man.

In the same year, she made a movie with Jay Ilagan, Kondesang Basahan.

and Carmela starring Nora Aunor, Rico Lopez and Jay Ilagan.

Jay Ilagan was  the son of both movie celebrities, Angel Esmeralda and Corazon Noble who started as a child actor. He died in a motrocycle accident. He was estranged from his wife Hilda Koronel and living in with Amy Austria during his death.

When Nora Aunor came up with her own movie outfit, she chose roles that would showcase her acting talent. Instead of leading men, she engaged the services of veteran sctors and actresses.

In the same year, she did another movie with Cocoy Laurel under Premire Productions entitled, Impossible Dream.

Cocoy Laurel

1973 Paruparong Item- Nora Aunor, Boots Anson Roa, Ronaldo Valdez and Arnold Gamboa

Ronaldo Valdez

Nora Aunor appeared with Joseph (Erap Estrada in the movie , Erap is My Guy. Erap became the President of the Philippines in 1973.

1973- Dalawang Mukha ng Tagumpay- Nora Aunor, Lotis Key, Jun Raquiza aka Leo Angelo. This movie won two awards, best director and best cinematography. Lotis Key was nominates as Best Supporting Actress.

jun raquiza

1973 Carnival Song- Nora Aunor, Tommy Abuel, Bernardo Bernardo

Eddie Peregrina was also popular singer  and dubbed as the Original Juke Box King. He became the leading of Nora Aunor. He died in a car accident at age 32. 

1973 Binibini ng Palengke- Nora Aunor, Eddie Peregrina

Victor Wood  was also a Juke Box King during his height of popularity. 

He migrated to the US after he condemned the payola system in the music industry.

He starred with Nora Aunor in:
 1974- As Long as There's Music.

To be continued:

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