Krista Ranillo apologized to Bianca King

 Pareho lang naman palang manager, may issue pang ganito?
Minsan di mo malaman kung ano ang pubilicity at aling ang hindi.

Ito ang balita.

Bianca King has accepted Krista Ranillo’s apology on behalf of her aunt Suzette Ranillo who unceremoniously brought out Bianca’s things outside the tent she was supposed to share with Krista during one of the shootings for “Wapakman.”

Bianca aired her side of the story in an interview aired on “Showbiz News Ngayon,” Dec. 9.
She said that although she has her own dressing room, she transferred to Krista’s after her (Bianca) tent became overcrowded with other talents who were also staying there.
Bianca stressed that she secured producer Wilson Tieng’s approval prior to transfer.
“After a few minutes, dumating na si Krista kasama ang companions niya and with her tita. I thought everything was okay. Tsinika ko [pa] sila,” Bianca explained.
She added: “[But] when I got back sa tent, 'yong mga gamit ko nasa labas na. Naloka ako nang konti. Sobrang na-offend talaga ako.”
Bianca later learned who moved her things out of the tent.
“'Yong tita po, si Suzette,’ sabi [sa akin] ng bodyguard. ‘'Yon po, si Ma’m Suzette po, buhat-buhat ang gamit ni Ma’m Bianca tapos dinala sa labas.’”
Arnold Vegafria, Bianca and Krista’s manager, called for a meeting where the two actresses threshed out the issue.

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