Cita Revilla-Yabut and Mons Romulo Tantoco

 Cita Revilla-Yabut was blamed by Mons Romulo Tantoco for her motion to annul her marriage to Sander Tantoco. 
Cita Revilla-Yabut


Mons Romulo-Tantoco

source: philstar

First, it was a blind item, then it was published by Victor Agustin in his column in Manila Standard, Cocktales.
Now comes the revelation:

Even when her husband left - first the conjugal bed, and then the conjugal home - she always held out for one more chance.
“I gave it up to December,” she said. “If he had come back, I would have taken him back, no questions asked.”
“Last year was horrible for me; all last year, what pain I went through,” she admitted, again with surprising candor. Self-doubt flooded her - was there something wrong with her, what did she do or did not do, or did wrong - especially when her husband would say that she did not take care of him.To that she now answered, calmly, “I did my best.”

For Mons, it was a double betrayal, because the woman involved with her husband was her friend, Cita Revilla-Yabut, who was part of Mons’ prayer group. She had repeatedly told Mons not to be jealous if she was frequently at her husband’s office, since she was asking his help for some project. And when Mons would be told that the two were seen at this and that restaurant, and she would wonder if they were having an affair, she would be assured by mutual friends, “Of course not,” especially since Cita had repeatedly said she’d never go with a married man because she knew what that does to a marriage and a family.
But the relationship became more and more public, to the point that the truth could no longer be denied - or ignored.
Cita Revilla-Yabut was married to Ricky Yabut, the son of Nemesio Yabut, the late mayor of Makati. His sister Denise Yabut is the estranged wife of Tonyboy Cojuangco, the partner of Gretchen Cojuangco. 

She is the sister of Maritess Revilla-Araneta, another  former Camay girl. Their mother Paquita Roces, the wife of Armando Goyena, the matinee idol during the 50's was the first Camay girl model. 

Maritess Revilla Araneta is the mother of Bianca Araneta who joined showbiz before he married Juan Elizalde. 

Another son, Paulo was also in showbiz.

Tina Revilla married Serge Osmena Valencia.

Another Revilla sister who did not join showbiz is Pita Revilla-Palanca, the widow of Bernardo Palanca, a scion of the prominent Palanca family, has two children in the showbiz.

Bernard Palanca who was among the Hunks, married Meryll Soriano, the daughter of Willie Revillame to Bec Bec Soriano, the sister of Maricel Soriano.

Mico Palanca was the other son who tried showbiz.

Piolo Pascual admitted that KC Concepcion is his girl friend

 Piolo Pascual finally admited that he has a romantic relationship with KC Concepcion, the daughter of the megastar, Sharon Cuneta.

Here is the news:

Hunk actor Piolo Pascual on Sunday finally broke his silence on the real score between him and actress-TV host KC Concepcion.
Pascual admitted on The Buzz, where Concepcion is a host, that he and the daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta are in a romantic relationship.
Concepcion became his girlfriend on October 21 last year, he revealed. 
"It took me 2 years (before she said yes). Tsaka na 'yung detalye. Basta that's one of the best days of my life. For the first time in more than 8 years, I'm getting into a relationship, a commitment. And I'm planning to keep it," he told The Buzz host Charlene Gonzales.
Asked about his term of endearment to Concepcion, Pascual said, "I call her my princess."
For months, Pascual and Concepcion have been mum on the status of their relationship, saying that they want to stay away from the "huzzles and buzzles" of showbiz.


Ogie Diaz apologized to Charice

After being admonished by the fans of Charice, Ogie Diaz, apologized to the diminutive Filipina singer

MANILA, Philippines - Entertainment scribe-talk show host Ogie Diaz has apologized to Charice Pempengco for his tweets about her after fans of the diminutive diva vowed to “boycott” all his projects.
"Patawad kung naka-offend ang aking opinion," he relayed to Charice's fans through abscbnnews.com.
He went on to ask Pempengco’s fans to spare his mother, whom he alleged they also target.
“Kung hindi pa din nila ako mapapatawad, ako na lang ang isumpa nila at huwag na nilang idamay ang nanay ko," he pleaded.
Seemingly eager to put the issue behind him, Diaz suggested that the fans should also look at other colleagues whom he said might also be guilty of the purported misdeed.
"Huwag ninyo namang ibintang sa akin ang lahat, baka naman ibang writers ang nagsabi noon [negative comments],” he said.
Even then, Diaz acknowledged that the public apology is not enough.
"Kapag nakita ko na siya [Pempengco] ng personal ay magso-sorry pa din ako 


Shaina Magdayao calling Ruffa Gutierrez?

It was Ruffa Gutierrez herself who confirmed that Shaina Magdayao, the current gurl firend of her former sweetheart, John Lloyd Cruz, was calling her even in the wee hour of the day.

Here is the news: 
 MANILA, Philippines - TV host Ruffa Gutierrez has received a phone call about "a problem"
from Shaina Magdayao at 2 a.m. recently.
Ruffa is said to be John Lloyd Cruz's most recent girlfriend while Shaina, his present one.  
On “Tweetbiz” last Jan. 25, host and Ruffa’s friend Tim Yap shared the host's answer when he texted her to verify the tabloid item.
“Realllyyy?? Who said?? :/ Yes she called but I was half asleep next to my girls (hellow it was 2am!) so I couldn't talk. Simply told her that if she had a problem...to go ask JL not me. That's all I'm gonna say Timmie. Pasensiya na. Kaloka!” the TV host had texted to Tim--as photographed by him on his cellphone and posted on the "Tweetbiz" site.
With her daughters beside her, Ruffa was said to have ignored the call and gave Shaina her reply via text message instead.
However, no details have been revealed as to why Shaina called Ruffa.
Early this month, Ruffa disclosed in an interview with “TV Patrol” that she and ex John Lloyd have already patched things up. Recall that the two had a falling out late last year after he repeatedly denied calling her after their breakup, when he was already going steady with Shaina. Later on, the actor admitted the reports to be true.
As of this writing, neither Shaina nor John Lloyd have spoken up yet about this latest matter.


Dionisia Pacquiao hospitalized

Iba na talaga ang sikat pati ang pagpapaospital, balita. Ito ang balita. 

MANILA, Philippines - Dionisia Pacquiao, mother of boxer and Sarangani Representative Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, is doing well after having asked to be rushed to the hospital Sunday, Jan 23.
Prior to the hospitalization, the actress-endorser complained of dizziness. 
In a recent interview with “Bombo Radyo Gensan,” Pacquiao assured fans that there is nothing to worry about, relaying that her condition was merely triggered by fatigue and lack of sleep.
Apparently, the 60-year-old had been having one too many parties. She revealed in the same interview that the night before, she attended a party of a close friend in General Santos, after having just planed in from Manila on the same day. She also disclosed that while in Manila, she already had a bit of cough and cold.


Charice's mom defends her daughter

Dapat naman talagang intindihin si Charice o sino pa mang celebrities na grabe ang pagod sa pagpeperform. Alalahanin nila na hindi naman ito makina para tumagal ng walang pahinga. Ito ang balita tungkol kay Charice.

MANILA, Philippines- After drawing negative feedback from the entertainment press, the mother of international singing sensation Charice on Monday came to the defense of her daughter.
Charice’s mom, Racquel, appealed for understanding from the entertainment press, who got mad after the 18-year-old songstress refused to grant them an interview last January 8.
Charice performed with Mr Pure Energy Gary Valenciano at SM Mall of Asia Concert Groundstwo weeks ago where they also launched their individual scents created by Aficionado Germany Perfumes by Joel Cruz.
Before and after Charice's performance, no one was reportedly allowed to get an interview with the young singer. Also, fans were prohibited from going near her. The rumor was that Oprah Winfrey ordered the tight security.
Racquel explained that her daughter was already too tired and wanted to rest after the show.


Rosario-A Movie Review by Cristobal Labog

 For overseas Filipinos who will not be able to see this film which won the Second Best Picture Award and the Gatpuno Cultural Award in the Metro Manila Film Festival 2010, here is a movie review of Rosario, a story of the grandmother of one of the wealthiest businessmen in the Philippines.

MANILA, Philippines – The Roaring Twenties, which began in 1921 and ended with the market crash of 1929, heralded numerous advances in art, music, fashion and social mores. As women’s suffrage became widespread, young women started staking their claim on their physiques, sparking a new age of sexual liberation.

That meant slinkier, knee-length sheathes in place of Victorian corsets and long dresses. This in turn sparked a rage in dancing and dance clubs.

Music took flight from the formalities of the three B’s (Bach, Beethoven and Brahms) into the age of jazz. Radio reached a level of sophistication equal to today’s television.

But nothing symbolized the epoch’s intoxication with freedom more than the spread of automobiles. They rapidly became affordable.

With co-ed giving women access to academe, the feminine mystique gained further momentum. Gender equality was all but complete. Men smoked, so why not women?

This made the cigarette enormously popular, what with Prohibition making alcohol illegal. Demand skyrocketed and America built tobacco plantations in far-flung territories.

These included the province of Isabela, where the epic story of the biopic “Rosario” takes place. But first things first…

Rosario (Jennilyn Mercado), the coy and coquettish “unica hija” of tobacco plantation owner Don Enrique (Phillip Salvador in a multi-layered role) and Doña Adela (the affable Eula Valdez), returns home after finishing pre-university schooling in America.

Rosario immediately makes her emancipation evident to childhood friend Carmen (conspiratorial Isabel Oli) by sharing a forbidden toke with her on the footrest of an art deco four-poster bed.

They both sport chin-length bob hairdos, topped by matching hats – typical Roaring Twenties accoutrements of the day. Doting father then takes 16-year-old Rosario on a tour of the plantation, a remarkably photographed sequence that should remind seasoned cineastes of similar terra firma in “Gone with the Wind” and the period Italian film “Novecento” by Bernardo Bertolucci.

The instant Rosario sets eyes on plantation manager Vicente (ever charismatic Yul Servo), the die is cast. Unconcerned with the prevailing, prudent conventions of male-female relationships, staunchly liberal girl seduces arch-conservative man.

Unforgiving Don Enrique catches them in flagrante delictu. He hammers Vicente to near-death, and dispatches the distressed damsel to the nunnery for shaming the family.

The lovers cannot be denied. They flee to urban Manila, get married and start a family. Fate blesses Vicente with a well-paying job, but the couple’s joy is short-lived.

The loving husband catches contagious tuberculosis, a death sentence on marital togetherness. More than Vicente, it is Rosario who suffers from the forced physical separation.

He advises her to forget these needs and focus on their children. But Rosario decides to seek employment, adding the burden of house work to Vicente’s affliction.

Enter young, virile Alberto (drop-dead gorgeous tempter Dennis Trillo), jarring Rosario from self-imposed self-denial. She first takes refuge in work and prayer, but youthful yearning breaks her resolve.

She enters into an adulterous relationship with Alberto. For a while, they find fulfillment inside his beat-up jalopy. But joy in each other’s company emboldens them to break the sanctity of home.

Vicente, who has finally recovered from his illness, catches them in the act. He hauls the adulterers to court where they’re found guilty and sentenced to exile.

Three years later, they return to Manila and start living in a boarding house where Rosario meets the third and final love of her life. This is the youthful Carding, played with culpable charm by Sid Lucero.

She fends off his innocent affection, for with the passage of time, at the ripe age of 39, she has finally tethered her passion. Or has she?

Alberto P. Martinez (the name Albert Martinez, the actor, has adopted as director) directs star-studded “Rosario.” What a debut! The way his film’s elements coalesce into a unified whole – from the first-rate acting of everybody in the cast to the telling competence of everybody in the crew – has exceeded expectations and makes us wonder what he he’ll do next.

Among the actors, I must cite Jennylyn Mercado’s Rosario. Her understated, masterful reading of the role has elevated this unique persona alongside Mia Farrow’s Daisy in that Roaring Twenties classic “The Great Gatsby.” She achieves this with the help no doubt of the talented trio of Yul Servo, Dennis Trillo and Sid Lucero and the compelling cameos of Empress Schuck and Dolphy, who narrates “Rosario” with charismatic conviction.

Ricky Davao reinvents himself with a hugely memorable ogre of a role as Miguel. You’ll surely wish him dead.

Among the crew members, let us salute production designers Joel Luna and Miki Hahn who also did the costumes. Did they use a time machine to bring us this level of authenticity? Of course, movies are the art of the 20th and 21st centuries, so take a bow with your treasured Alexa digital camera, cinematographer Carlo Mendoza and editor John Wong. Alberto Chang, I want a CD of your musical score. Elmer L. Gatchalian, what a nuanced screenplay! Executive Producer Bong Sta. Maria, you just found your calling. Mr. Manny Pangilinan, carry on.

“Rosario” is a Cinemabuhay International with Studio 5 presentation. It runs for approx. 100 minutes and is rated GP.

Cristobal Labog has worked as a copywriter, creative director and strategic planner for advertising agencies in Manila, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Brussels and Amsterdam. He divides his time between Trabzon, Turkey, on the Black Sea and Mandaluyong in Metro Manila. E-mail crislabog@gmail.com for questions and comments.