Inah Revilla and Vince del Rosario Wedding - Not only a tear fell but tears flowed

So the wedding of the 18 year-old heavy with ther first child-daughter-of-the popular-couple-BONG REVILLA-and LANI MERCADO - Inah Revilla and Vince del Rosario
was still among the grandest events in the showbiz and political worlds amidst the controversies, the emotions and the alleged bickerings of the two families.

Sources said that Jorge del Rosario almost walked out which was denied while Senator Revilla and family became emotional but expressed heir support to the new bride.

The guest came from both worlds, showbiz and politics.

The reception was at the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangri-La Hotel where an AVP was presented to express their wish to the couple.

So Martin Nievera is now just a wedding singer? huh?

The hosts for the reception were Ketchup Eusebio and Iya Villania. Singers Aiza Seguerra, Richard Poon, and Martin Nievera serenaded the couple.

At huwag isnabin, their love nest is a 10-million condo, a gift of the father of the groom.

I hope they live happily ever after.



Bigamy Case against Gabby Concepcion Starts Now

image of jennie syquia
jenny on the right

The bigamy case against Gabby Concepcion has started today, May 29.

The case was brought to the court by a certain Mamerto dela Cruz of E. Rodriguez, Quezon City.

On July 23, 1984, Gabby Concepcion married Sharon Cuneta in civil wedding followed by a grand wedding in Manila Cathedral on September 23 on the same year.

Previous to the wedding to Sharon, it is alleged that Gabby Concepcion was already married to a certain Jenny Martin on June 19, 1984.

Gabby posted 24,000 pesos as bail and entered into a not-guilty-plea.

The annullment of Jenny Syquia's marriage to Gabby Concepcion was also based on this marriage to Jenny Martin and not on the marriage to Sharon Cuneta which was already decreed to be null void in 1993.

Will the case prosper?


source: PEP



Snooky Serna -Miscariage or Appendicitis?

picture of snooky
Snooky Serna's publicity machine tried all sorts of publicity to gain sympathy in order for her to get more job offers.

This time, it was miscarriage after touting that she has been on the family way and the father is an influential politician.

A few days ago after the shooting was packed up, it was rumored that Snooky was rushed to the hospital.

Some said that it was ectopic pregnancy and another source said that it was a case of appendicitis.

Whatever it is, it would have required her to stay in the hospital for a day or two.

But according to news, she was sent home on the same day.




The partner of Marian Rivera, DINGDONG DANTES, defended the outburst of the lady directed to a person whom she checked for doing a video. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? But of course, right or wrong, he would defend his partner. SILLY.

It is no brainer to publish this news. So I am also bird brain to have pick it up. Sheesh.

At the end, it was all about the promo of DYESEBEl.

Why can't this pr machine more creative?



The Feisty Dyesebel

Someone should tell Marian Rivera that it is not her function to check on the people
who are taking videos or pictures durung location shooting. What she should have done is to tell someone who is in the production to do it because she impressed a misplaced feisty image which could have been avoided if she was thinking right.

sa ang PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) sa pinadalhan ng isang nagngangalang Lawrence Marbeda (hindi namin tiyak kung tunay niyang pangalan ito) ng link sa YouTube ng video na tinawag niyang "Pagmumura at Pagwawala sa shooting ng Dyesebel." Under "Marian Scandal" sa YouTube ang video na kuha sa taping (hindi shooting gaya ng nakasaad sa email) ng Dyesebel sa Subic a few weeks ago.

For young lady, in whatever angle you may put her, it is always to her disadvantage even if it is right to check on these people.

It is a gross mistake arguing with someone who has a video. hahaha



DOLLY CARVAJAL named her source of article about KRISTINE HERMOSA

DOLLY ANNE revealed that her source of the article she wrote about Kristine Hermosa was Direk Andoy himself.

She clarified that she does not reveal who her sources are but with this incident, she feels she has to.

This is a portion of her article:

"Madami pa siyang kwinento about Kristine. Di ko na nga sinulat lahat. Siya mismo nagsabi na ‘di niya na ma-take ang pag-inarte ni Kristine that's why ‘pinaubaya na niya sa second unit director niyang si Rechie del Carmen yung last taping day of Banyera.

The columnist said she felt betrayed when Andoy refuted what she wrote in her column when she got all those information from him.

Dolly Carvajal also welcomes Kristine Hermosa to air her side.

source: inquirer and pep



Sharon Cuneta hinted that there is a different reason for her separation with Gabby Concepcion

I hope Sharon is to make good her resolve that she would not make any picture with her estranged husband Gabby Concepcion. She reiterated her decision not to make any movie yet for the comebacking former matinee idol.

Although she mentioned about their respective spouses as the reason, she hinted that even for professionalism sake, she could not partner with the former husband because she does not want the real reason for her separation to be talked about.

So, it is not about other women, heh?

She also said that KC would have to make a movie with her first before she does a movie with the father. Tall order, heh?

As usual she's all the image of propriety she she said that she does not want to use Gabby's name in her promotion of the movie, Caregiver.


Marriage Proposal from Strangers

RICA PERALEJO is back from London after shooting a Sharon Cuneta starrer, CAREGIVER.

To promote the movie, the stars are being interviewed.

My two eyebrows, take note, TWO raised when she said that a stranger offered her marriage.

True or not, I feel that it is not newsworthy since it is moronic to think that these marriage proposals for celebrities are serious offers.

In a foreign country where there is meet-boy-and-girl and whambam thank- you intimate relationship in just one day, do you think this is something to be proud of?


"Minsan na rin pong may nag-offer sa akin ng marriage, noong nasa London kami ng Ok, Fine. Siguro kung tumitingin lang ako sa guwapo, tatanggapin ko iyon. Guwapo kasi siya, British pero Oriental-looking. Nagandahan daw siya sa akin, nilapitan ako at nag-offer nga siya ng marriage kaya sabi ko sa kanya, ‘Why will you marry me, when you just knew me a couple of minutes?' Sagot niya, ‘I will know you the rest of our lives.'

Why don't they think of something to publish? I heard this already from Pokwang and Aiai.


Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual Withdrew Libel Case

sam-milbyWhen I read about the filing of libel charges against Lolit Solis by the two actors, Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual, I know nothing is going to happen after the filing.

For busy people, it it not practical to be troubled by attending hearings for cases they themselves brought to court. What, for bruised ego? What to deny the allegations of the people accused of libel?

Anyway, talent manager and tabloid columnist Lolit Solis can now stop speculating what kind of life she will have if she is found guilty and is imprisoned to suffer the penalty. The libel complaint lodged against her by Sam and Piolo was withdrawn Wednesday afternoon following her apology to the two actors involved, a television news report said.

24 Oras’ Chika Minute reported that Lolit signed a retraction at the Manila Regional Trial court at around 6 p.m. Wednesday and formally apologized to the actors, Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby.

Were Piolo and Sam scared when they heard that Lolit Solis had been bragging about her "connections" in the Department of Justice.

The case was filed against Solis for her article about seeing the two actors being sweet to each other in a coffee shop of a hotel.


Bea Alonzo is Betty La Fea

I like Ugly Betty which stars America Ferrera. Ugly Betty is based on Betty La Fea which is going to be adapted also as teleserye in the Philippines.

I like Bea Alonzo. SHE IS A GOOD ACTRESS. And she is going to be Betty La Fea.


It is already confirmed and announced in a grand presscon yesterday at the 14th floor of ABS-CBN’s 9501 restaurant.


Gabby Concepcion says one thing but does another

Gabby Concepcion lived in Daly City, California before he got married. He was a neighbor of a friend. So whenever he is interviewed and what he was saying was far from truth, my friend, laughs and says come on.

Dolly Carvajal has the same observation. According to her:

Gabby Concepcion says one thing but does another. Initial plans for movie with Jolina Magdangal fizzled out because he changed his mind at the last minute. Now Gabo insists he still wants to do a movie with Jolens, so he signed up with GMA Films. But according to Jolens’ dad, Tito Jun Magdangal, she is not too keen about the project anymore. Serves Gabo right for believing in his own hype.



Jomari Yllana missing in action while Pops enjoys in Boracay

Pops was spotted enjoying a vacation in Boracay but press people found her elusive.

Was she avoiding the question about her boyfriend, Jomari Yllana?

Jomari who was the ex-husband of AIKO MELENDEZ to whom he has a child also broke the heart of Ara Mina.

Will he also break the heart of Pops?


Jericho Rosales was surprised for the break-up


Is it a gimmick or what? If it is, whose?

JERICHO ROSALES OR ECHO for short claimed that he did not know that his girl friend Heart Evangelista was serious in announcing that they had already broken up.

In showbiz Central, heart did not mention the reason for the break-up.

Jericho had been taping his teleserye in Malaysia with a Malaysian actress and had just arrived yesterday.

He said, he's confused.



Jobert Sucaldito filing disbarment against the lawyer of Gabby Concepcion

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The letter from Gabby Concepcion's lawyer, Atty. Flaminiano, the husband of Gabby's manager was addressed to Jobert Sucal-dito or Sucal-doon.

This sent the entertainment reporter to hit the roof. He planned to file a complaint against the lawyer for besmirching the name of the family. He is praying for the disbarment of the lawyer.

The feud started when Gabby rescinded his verbal agreement with Jobert to become product endorser of the latter's client. Gabby and his manager chose the advertiser which doubled the fee.


Lotlot de Leon talks about her feud with Pilita Corrales

Now that Lotlot de Leon's marriage to Ramon Christopher is officially declared as null and void, she talked freely about her sentiments with her mother-in-law Pilita Corrales.

Interviewed at The Buzz, Lotlot said that when she left the conjugal abode, she had nothing but 500 pesos.

According to her the spat with her husband was triggered by the overprotectiveness of her mother-in-law to her only son Ramon Christopher.

When she could not take any longer the quarrels that made her life miserable, she separated from the husband, leaving her children to their grandmother and father. Together with her sister, Matet, she rented a house and went back to show business.

Pilita Corrales in a taped interview admitted that her daughter-in law doesn't talk to her yet ever since she left Ramon Christopher.She claimed she has no idea why she's angry with her. (really)

She is wishing Lotlot her happiness much as she is also her son's.

On the part of Lotlot, although she said that she understand her mother-in-law's love for Ramon Christopher, she also admitted that she was hurt by what Pilita commented about the separation.


Ruffa Gutierrez Apologizes to the members of the Press

Judy Ann Santos apologized on the same day the media people walked out from the presentation of the Pantene prduct endorsers where she was among the four.

A week after, Ruffa texted the media people whe thought were among those who walked out.

It took a long time for the celebrity endorders to emerge from the ladies' room of the Hotel Intercon.

The organizers of the event gave costume change as one reason why. This was the same reason given by Judy Ann Santos in her interview.

Rumor said that Gretchen did not like one of the questions asked during the interview with Ricky Lo and so she went rushing to the ladies room. The other endorsers followed.

She also told PEP she'll share her account of what really happened on The Buzz .


Happy Evangelista admits break up with Jericho Rosales

In the story conference for a drama series in GMA, Happy Evangelista who previously denied the rumor of her estrangement from Jericho Rosales admitted that they have already broken up.

At first she said that the cooling off was due to their hectic schedules. She even said that she was the one who drove Jericho to the ariport when he left for Malaysia.

Then in April 27 at an interview in Showbiz Central, she said that career now comes as priorities for both of them.

It will take some more months before Jericho comes homes and she will be busy doing the soap with Richard Gutierrez. She did not say direclty that they have parted ways. It was more of wait-and-see-attitude.

But in the GMA news interview, she finally said that she broke up with the boyfriend, Jericho.

Oh well.


Marian Rivera and Piolo Pascual

Marian rivera is very happy to know that the pilot episode of her new fantaserye Dyesebel got a 44.9 per cent rating despite power outage in some parts of Metro Manila.

She requested the viewers to continume watching the new series since they will have surprises just like her newly concluded Marimar.

Together with Piolo Pascual, she was a celebrity endorser of the Blue water Day Spa
at the Crowne Plaza last night.

The two celebrities were touted as te hottest and number one leading actor and actress in the showbiz.

According to Marian, she has known Piolo thru Joyce Bernal, the director of the actress in Dyesebel and Marimar.

It was Bernal who asked Piolo to greet Marian during her birthday last year.

She declared that Piolo is a very nice guy. Although he my appear to be serious, he is really funny.

Marian is believed to have overtaken Angel Locsin in terms of popularity and there were rumors that products formerly endorsed by the latter are now being offered to Marian.

Marian's camp refused to comment on this rumor. They're asking the people just to wait.